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On/Off Button for commercial use

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A simple one-touch override of the main sauna control panel, this optional illuminated external switch allows the sauna bather to turn the sauna On/Off (with a SaunaLogic2, Pure 2.0, or Elite control system).

When turned "On" the sauna will operate at the pre-set time and temperature on the main control. Commercial saunas can operate for 60 min. or 24 hr. run cycle.

It is heavy-duty vandal-resistant brushed stainless steel control, and the blue LED illuminates when turned on. You can mount it in a standard single-gang electrical rough-in box.


How to use

In a commercial environment, the main sauna control can be located at the attendant's desk (or in the mechanical room) so the sauna time/temperature functions are secured from the general public. 
The SaunaLogic2 controls can be operated from a worldwide mobile app for ease and safety of club-manager-operation of commercial saunas.