Harvia 20 Wood Burning Sauna Heater
Harvia 20 Wood Burning Sauna Heater

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Catalina For Saunas 282 - 706 Cubic Feet in Volume

Dimensions: 17"W x 20 1/8"D x 30"H

Recommended to purchase the Protective Bedding for floor protection

Internal Feed - Allows You to Feed Wood from Inside Sauna Area

Graphite Black Finish with Stainless Steel Front Panel

Stone Capacity: 100 lbs. (Included with Heater)

Equipped with Adjustable Legs


Sauna Heater For Rooms 282 - 706 cubic feet in volume.

A Popular Wood Stove for Medium Sized Saunas.

Sauna Heater Features Large 100 lb. Stone Capacity for Gentle Heat & Steam.

Sauna Heater Dimensions: 17"W x 20 1/8" D x 30" H

What's Included

Wood Fueled Heater - No Electricity Necessary

Quality Steel Construction Throughout

Sauna Heater Boasts Large Stone Capacity for Gentle Heat & Steam

Sauna Heater Features Stainless Steel Air-Flow Spoiler

Cast Iron Fire Grate for Added Durability

Floor Standing Sauna Heater

Dual Burning Chambers for Fast Heating

Sauna Heater Features Cast Iron Door with Attractive Glass Window for Added Ambiance

Sauna Heater Includes Removable Ash Pan for Easy Cleaning

Chimney Outlet Out the Top or Backside with Adapter Pipe

The Perfect Sauna Heater for Saunas at the Cottage or Remote Locations when Electricity is Not Available


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