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Barrel Sauna Kit with Canopy

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The barrel sauna concept does not only enhance your backyard but your health. Our barrel sauna kits are easy to assemble, incredibly practical, and beautiful sauna rooms that provide a unique look and outdoor living experience.



Barrel Sauna Kit with Canopy by Scandia

Suppose you are looking for an Outdoor Sauna. In that case, is proud to offer this exclusive new product, the Barrel Sauna Kit with Canopy.



This sauna is 100% made in the USA by highly skilled artisans. Made with the best cedar wood, you can choose the size you like (from 2 people to 8 person). You can choose between an electric or gas sauna heater for an intense sauna experience. Our Barrel sauna includes LED lights and a WiFI controller, which makes it the most advanced outdoor sauna of its kind. This product enjoys free shipping anywhere in the USA and Canada.

For any questions about our sauna, you can call us at 1-888-503-81-57, and you will receive support at any time, before and after purchase. 

We chose only the best cedar wood from sustainable and responsible cultivations to protect your barrel sauna from snow and rain in winter and from the sun in summer. This wood is resistant to any weather and can insulate your sauna so you can always enjoy a unique experience when entering the relaxing world of warmth. It will also add a special touch of style to your patio. 



Interior design experts handcraft the design of this outdoor barrel sauna kit to give you the best look for your home and garden. The rounded lines blend perfectly with nature, and the cedar wood, with its nordic touch, fits well with any atmosphere. The combination of wood with the new technological materials of our sauna heaters creates the perfect fusion of past, present, and future.

You can choose this Barrel sauna in various sizes according to your needs and the space you want to dedicate to it, so you can relax and enjoy the warmth of your sauna alone or with the people you love the most. Imagine enjoying the heat of the sauna with your partner while it's snowing outside.

This Cedar Barrel Sauna Kit can also be used as an interior home sauna.



Our partnership with Scandia is what makes us unique. Our outdoor saunas have only Scandia-Certified sauna heaters of the highest quality. Scandia's state-of-the-art technology in our heaters allows you to achieve the ideal heat for your sauna with minimal electricity consumption. In addition, for your complete peace of mind, our sauna heaters come with a warranty in the USA and Canada.



Highly trained engineers designed our barrel sauna kit to make assembly as easy and fun as possible. The assembly time for this sauna is around 2 hours. The parts are pre-cut and ready to use for extreme ease of assembly, so you will only need a hammer, screwdriver, and a little bit of your time to assemble this beauty.


We remind you that all of our saunas enjoy free shipping anywhere in the USA and Canada.



  • Range in size, from 72"W x 47"D x 77"H to 84"W x 96"D x 77"H
  • Sized to fit 2 to 8 people
  • Upgrades are available to include full glass doors and/or a gas heating unit.
  • All barrel sauna models include a Wi-Fi heater controller