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Pacific Sauna

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Our signature series of saunas have been so beautifully planned and laid out, that it’s hard to believe they’re modular. With several different styles to choose from, you’ll feel like you’ve designed your own personal sauna. And, because of the precision manufacturing, each sauna takes only a few hours to assemble.

Each Signature Sauna has hand-selected and finished boards from the finest quality woods. Unique angles and curves, precision finished doors and windows, and abundant use of glass give these saunas an elegant-upscale feel. Once you step into a Signature Sauna, you’ll feel like you’ve entered your own private paradise. Signature Series optional features include digital controls, misty heater, wall-to-wall duckboards, and many other accessories.



  • 72″d x 84″w x 84″h (Exterior Dimensions).
  • Curved panoramic window, all-glass door.
  • Includes low-voltage valance lighting, 2 benches, deluxe full-length backrest, headrest, duckboards, deluxe heater guard, and bench skirts.
  • Bucket, ladle, thermometer.
  • Available in Select Nordic Whitewoods, Western Red Cedar, or other woods of your choice.

Optional Features

  • Digital controls
  • Accessories
  • Wall-to-wall duckboard