Amerec AI Commercial Boiler
Amerec AI Commercial BoilerAmerec AI Commercial Boiler



Check below for Sizing Chart

Includes Amerec IT Control or Upgrade to T100B Control


Ideal for Commercial Steam Rooms.

Engineered for Easy On-Site Maintenance and Hands-Off, Automated Operation.

One or Two Room Operation with each Room Controlled Individually by Separate Low-Voltage On/Off Controls.

Controls can be Remote or Boiler Mounted.

ASME Certified Low-Pressure Vessel.

UL Listed. Made in the USA

Sizing Chart

12.0KW - Up to 550 cu ft.

18.0KW - Up to 900 cu ft.

24.0KW - Up to 1200 cu ft.

30.0KW - Up to 1500 cu ft.

36.0KW - Up to 1800 cu ft.

42.0KW - Up to 2100 cu ft.

48.0KW - Up to 2400 cu ft.


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