Amerec AX9 Steam Generator
Amerec AX9 Steam Generator

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Amerec For Steam Rooms 150-300 Cubic Feet

6 1/4"W x 16 1/2"D x 13"H

Requires Amerec Controls


Amerec AX9 Steam Generator for steam rooms 150-300 cubic feet. Amerec has designed their AX series generators for long lasting performance and reliability. Consistent and even flow of steam are unique Amerec features that set their generators apart. For a truly first class steam bath experience, integrate it with your existing smart home solution.

  • Sequential Temperature Control delivers a more consistent flow of Soft Steam and a more stable, comfortable steam bath experience.
  • AX generators can be connected together to heat steam baths larger than 550 cubic feet.
  • Warm Start, a feature used in Day Spas and for use with A6 control only, maintains a tank water temperature at just below boiling, which reduces heating time by 2-3 minutes. Warm Start cables must be ordered separately.
  • Exterior plug-in jacks allow quick and easy connection of control and sensor cables.
  • 240 and 208 volt models can be wired in the field for 1 or 3 phase power.
  • Stainless steel tank and water level probes provide years of trouble-free operation.
  • Removable heating elements provide easy and economical service.
  • ETL Listed for USA and Canada

What's Included

Soft Steam Element Switching Technology

Stainless Steel Tank & Water Level Probes

Removable Heating Elements

Computer Controlled Circuit Board

Compact Size

UL Listed Made in the USA


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