AI Commercial Diffuser for Steam Showers


Vendor: Amerac SKU: 8034-02


Amerec For Use with AI Commercial Steam Generators.

  • Tinted acrylic construction, 1/8" thick
  • Integral condensation slot for water runoff
  • Measures 6-1/2"H x 3-1/8"D x 5"W
  • Shield internal dimension, 2-7/8" deep
  • Cutout, 11/16" diameter mounting hole


    Mounting over the steam head and designed for use when acrylic or other non-heat resistant materials are used for steam room construction, the Amerec Steam Diffuser will aid in redirecting the steam-flow in an upward direction. Recommended for steam rooms with minimal floor space, ceiling heights over 8' high and natural stone construction. One diffuser per steam head. *Note: This steam diffuser is a consumable item and will wear. The kilowatt rating of your steam generator, your water quality and other factors will affect the longevity of this component. For this reason, plastic steam diffusers are not warranted or returnable..


    What's Included

    Commercial Opaque Steam Diffuser

    Prevents Hot Steam from Moving Across the Steam Shower Floor and Causing Bather Discomfort.




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