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8 Person Precut Home Sauna Kit

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8 Person Interior Home Sauna Kit

As a permanent fixture or addition to your home, Scandia's Pre-Cut kits transform virtually any room into a beautiful and luxurious custom in-home sauna by providing added sophistication and next-level luxury in every build. We cut our Spanish Cedar to your room's specifications, ship it to your door, and provide step-by-step installation instructions for all our customers. We will be here to help throughout the ordering process, eliminating the guesswork and headaches associated with building a sauna. 


8 Person Interior Home Sauna Kit Specifications

  • Sized to comfortably fit 8+ People
  • Ranging in size: 8'W x 9'D x 7'H to 11'W x 12'D x 7'H
  • Standard with two-tier benching on one wall & single-tier bench on the other wall (depending on size)
  • 7/16 "D x 6 "W Spanish Cedar Tongue and Groove panels for all Walls and Ceiling (Vertical Installation) (Alaskan Yellow Cedar T&G is7/16 "D x 3 "W)
  • 1" D x 4 "W Spanish Cedar Benches & Supports
  • Matching Trim for Ceiling, Corners, and Base
  • Standard with Stainless Steel Scandia Heater with External Controls
  • Pre-Hung Solid-Core Spanish Cedar Doorw/ glass vision panel
  • Spanish Cedar Bench Skirts
  • Sauna Mat Floor for Walking Area (Does not cover under benches )
  • FSK Vapor Barrier
  • Vapor Proof Wall Light
  • Deluxe Wall Thermometer/Hygrometer
  • Wooden Bucket and Wooden Ladle
  • Hardware for Assembly
  • Euro-Trim Design

Rooms must be prepared ahead of sauna installation, including studding, insulation, and 3/4" plywood for attaching paneling. Custom Orders Available

 If you list your dimensions when submitting the order, the boards can be cut to your specific size, but the price will round up to the nearest 6" list price.

Heater Sizing

  • 9 KW
    • 8'W x 9'D x 7'H
    • 8'W x 10'D x 7'H
    • 9'W x 9'D x 7'H
  • 12 KW
    • 8'W x 12'D x 7'H
    • 9'W x 10'D x 7'H
    • 9'W x 11'D x 7'H
    • 9'W x 12'D x 7'H
    • 10'W x 9'D x 7'H
    • 10'W x 10'D x 7'H
    • 10'W x 11'D x 7'H
    • 10'W x 12'D x 7'H
    • 11'W x 9'D x 7'H
    • 11'W x 10'D x 7'H
    • 11'W x 11'D x 7'H
    • 11'W x 12'D x 7'H