Not sure what kind of sauna to choose?

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Interior Pre-Cut Saunas

Interior Pre-Cut Sauna Kits from are cut to your specific framed dimensions. Make use of an old closet or space under the stairs; convert an existing space, or frame new walls for one of our top quality Interior Pre-Cut Sauna Kits.



Modular Saunas from are free-standing units that require no framing and give you the freedom to move the sauna to different locations. Modular Sauna kits are available in Indoor and Outdoor versions.


Salt Saunas

A Himalayan Salt Sauna from instantly provides luxury and increased health benefits. A Himalayan Salt Sauna can help reduce stress, allergies/skin conditions, balance hormones and much more.  

Hand-Finished Saunas

Hand-Finished Saunas from are simply stunning. Every board of our Hand-Finished Saunas is carefully crafted to ensure a one of a kind, custom & luxurious look. These Hand-Finished saunas are available in Black or Ivory White.



Infrared Saunas from are free-standing Sauna Kits that utilize Infrared Sauna Light Panels as their heat source. Infrared Sauna Light Panels radiate heat that is absorbed by the surface of the skin.

Hot Yoga

Saunas offers Hot Yoga Saunas equipped with fold-down benches to create an open space for your very own personal yoga practice. Adjust your sauna heater to achieve desired Hot Yoga Sauna Room temperature. All of these Hot Yoga saunas are custom built to suite your needs.