Modular Saunas

Modular Saunas are portable free-standing units that require no framing. This type of sauna allows you to move your sauna to different locations. Modular Sauna kits are available in both Indoor and Outdoor versions. The flexibility of a portable sauna is an excellent choice for anyone who may not want a permanent installation and prefer the freedom to move their unit to a different area within any given space, or, from one room to another.

Modular Indoor


Scandia NOW offers the most technologically advanced modular sauna on the market! WiFi controls, a plug and play heater, chromatherapy lights, and much more!

8 Week Lead Time  

Modular Outdoor



Avalon Modular saunas fit almost anywhere and are built for quick and easy assembly. They feature a Ruff Sawn Mahogany exterior.

Backorder - August 2021


Catalina's Modular Indoor saunas built with high-quality materials. These portable saunas are also available in a unique 5-sided option.

Backorder - August 2021


Polar Modular Indoor Saunas are easy to assemble and are built with great attention to detail. 


14 Week Lead Time