Interior Pre-Cut Saunas

Interior Pre-Cut Sauna Kits from are cut to your specific framed dimensions. Make use of an old closet or space under the stairs; convert an existing space, or frame new walls for one of our top quality Interior Pre-Cut Sauna Kits.


Scandia Pre-Cut saunas are perfect addition to your home, business, or studio. Allowing for endless customization, you're sure to get the sauna of your dreams from Scandia.

1-2 Week Lead Time


Avalon Pre-Cut Saunas are a great option if you are looking for an economically priced sauna. They are built with quality materials but will include only the basic accessories.

13 Week Lead Time  


Catalina Pre-Cuts are designed to be an upgraded version of the Avalon saunas. They feature bench skirts, back rests, and updgraded sauna accessories.

13 Week Lead Time  


Polar Saunas are contructed with high quality materials and feature upgraded accessories such as Cedar Duck Board flooring and a Stainless Steel bucket & ladle combo.
12 Week Lead Time