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What is the maximum temperature of a traditional sauna?

Electric traditional sauna heaters sold in North America cannot exceed 194F at the ceiling height of a 7’ sauna per Underwriters Laboratory mandates for safety & reliability. A good rule of thumb is that sauna temperatures will drop about 15F per foot due to heat rising. If the sauna temperature exceeds 194F in the sauna the heaters high limit will trip and shut down the heater. For this reason it is just as important to choose a sauna heater that is properly sized based on the cubic foot range listed. When properly sized, your traditional sauna temperatures will range between 140F and 194F based on the end users setting and preference. Pouring water on rocks will automatically lower temperature and raise the humidity levels so you can create a climate to your liking. It is recommended for new users to start with a lower temperature and work their way up to their satisfaction. Woodburning stove are an option for purists that want higher temperatures.

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