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What is the difference between the Mica Carbon infrared emitter and the CarbonFlex Carbon Fiber infrared emitter used in infrared saunas?

Our CarbonFlex Carbon Fiber Emitters are the most popular & effective method for manufacturing far infrared heaters. These emitters are used in our Harmony, B-Series and E-Series infrared saunas. The carbon panels are cooler to the touch and feature a larger surface area which gives you a more evenly distributed heat.  Because they have a larger surface area, the watts per square inch are much less than the smaller ceramic heater units on the market. Using carbon fiber also allows the manufacturer to spread the emitter out so it spans wall to wall. This ensures the very best coverage possible and eliminates any cold or hot spots.

Mica sheet emitters use solid mica rock for the heater and include a carbon cloth cover to help disperse and protect the emitter. This emitter is used in our Arvo series infrared sauna. Both Mica & CarbonFlex have the higher percentage of IR output per kilowatt compared to ceramic. The difference is that mica sheet emitters are a lower cost than carbon flex and they offer much better coverage than the ceramic. They will not, however, be as spread out as the CarbonFlex emitters.

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