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Can I put an infrared sauna outdoors?

Infrared saunas become ineffective when the ambient temperature outside the sauna drops below 65F. Although they may turn on and run through their cycle they will not raise your body’s core temperatures enough to induce profuse sweat. Infrared saunas are generally built without insulated walls because the heat loss helps achieve constant emission which is the most beneficial way to use infrared heat. When the ambient temperature drops below 65F (indoors or outdoors) it would need to operate in the mid or near range of the spectrum. The body absorbs FAR infrared rays much better so you get the best overall results with FAR infrared. Saunas.com sells FAR infrared saunas which are designed for optimum performance when used indoors where the surrounding temperature is 65F or above. Also, infrared saunas are plug-in units and are not intended for various outdoor conditions. Manufacturers only use a furniture grade finish on the exterior which is not UV protected or weather resistant.

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