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How will my Sauna kit be shipped and delivered to my home?

Due to size and weight, all Sauna kits of any size or type will be shipped to the end customer by way of LTL (less-than-truckload) common-carrier freight.

1. How is my product packaged?

- Sauna kits will be packaged on freight pallets, typically a max of ~800lbs per pallet
- Panel-built units will be stacked often in excess of 8' tall on their pallet
- Items/materials will be individually packaged and stacked on the pallet(s)
- Each pallet will be shrink-wrapped to secure the multiple pieces onboard
- Loose/small items will be boxed together to save space

2. What will the delivery company do for me when they arrive?*

- Delivery company will call you ~24hrs+ ahead of time to arrange delivery time & location
- Truck will arrive at your address "curbside" and open their trailer, w/ your freight at the rear
*This is what is referred to industry-wide as Curbside Delivery. This is the delivery service included FREE with your Sauna kit purchase; any other freight services required by you must be PURCHASED.

3. What will the delivery company NOT do for me by default?
(unless add'l services are purchased by you)

- Will not unpackage your freight or pallet
- Will not drop merchandise down to ground level using a lift gate
- Will not carry merchandise into your home/structure/building
- Will not assemble your product
- Will not inspect your product for damage

4. What will the delivery company do if I purchase add'l services?
(rates vary by weight, size etc.)

- LIFT GATE SVC: - Lower your pallet(s) to ground level (your curb/driveway/whatever is accessible)
- INSIDE DELIVERY SVC: Place your pallet(s) immediately inside an accessible entrance (garage, front door, if pallet fits)
- 2ND CREWMAN: Send a second crew member along w/ driver to assist in moving freight to your curb/driveway from the back of the truck.
- FINAL MILE PREMIUM SVC: This service is exceptionally expensive and can cost many hundreds of dollars. A secondary freight carrier will be arranged to deliver your pallet(s) to your home, and perform the following services, depending on the price; 2nd/3rd Crewman Assist, Unpack Pallet, Unpack individual boxes, place product(s) in specific room inside home, Second-Floor carry-in, Debris/packing material clean-up and Haul-Away.

5. What do I need to do on delivery day?

- If you are receiving standard curbside delivery, we strongly advise you arrange a friend(s) to assist you, or arrange the delivery date for a date/time during which the contractor/handyman installing/assembling your Sauna will be on-site to assist in unloading
- Unpack as much of the product as possible and inspect for damage BEFORE signing the driver's freight slip!
- Once you sign the driver's freight slip, you have legally stated to the freight carrier that you have received your product in it's entirety, and in good condition. Concealed damage after-the-fact can be claimed through Saunas.com (our service staff is glad to assist you with this) however, freight claims with most common carriers can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks to recover claimed expenses once the damage is proven!

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