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Can infrared heaters be bought individually?

Saunas.com sells several carbon fiber emitter systems separately for customers who have sourced their own lumber in order to build an infrared sauna. In addition to offering several specifically sized carbon fiber emitter systems, we also provide custom kits that include your choice of Western Red Cedar or Western Hemlock sized with the best system based on your dimensions. Our carbon fiber emitter systems are UL Approved to be in a humid environment so you could either build a combination infrared/traditional sauna or convert an existing traditional sauna into a combination infrared/traditional sauna. Conversion is made easy due to the surface mounting innovation for ease of retrofitting. Saunas.com can also provide replacement parts for emitters or replacement emitters that are manufactured as part of the Saunatec family of brands. These options are customized and you will need to consult with someone at Saunas.com. Please email us or call one of our consultants at (800) 906-2242.

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