Portable Saunas

Polar Portable Saunas are easy to assemble and since they have their own floor you can put this sauna anywhere in your home. Complete with 24 hour programmable digital controls, AM/FM CD & MP3 stereo & Spectra Lighting.


Buy One of the Best Pre-Built Portable Sauna Room Kits

Spare yourself the hassle of visiting a sauna and spending lots of money. You can now have a sauna in your own home. These aren’t just easy to use, they are portable as well. They can be placed anywhere you want to put them. The latest pre-built sauna room kit from saunas.com is the ultimate kit for you.

These portable kits can be easily assembled. They are lightweight and can be moved to any area. They have 24 hour digital controls that are programmable. They also come with an MP3 and AM/FM stereo. This online portal also offers various sauna accessories such as seat covers, bath brushes with long handles, holders, and many more. These pre-built kits can be assembled very easily when they need to be used, and can be stored when not in use.

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