Hanko The Freak - Soft-Tip Dart pack


Vendor: Amerec SKU: NG1052


Quality Hanko features include: "Nickel silver barrels with medium knurling for easy grip "Yukon aluminum spinster shafts decrease deflection "Convenient slide carrying case



Catch everyone's eye with this unique dart àx¢Ã x¢â x‚¬šÂ x¬Ã x€¦â x‚¬œThe Freak" x� features aluminum Spinster shafts that rotate to help incoming darts find their target, allowing for tighter groupings and decreased deflection. The ergononomically designed barrels with medium knurling provide a comfortable easy grip. The colorful àx¢Ã x¢â x‚¬šÂ x¬Ã x€¦â x‚¬œFreak" x� dart is sure to add a new element of excitement to your game!


What's Included

- 3x The Freak Soft-Tip Darts