Mr. Steam Light Commercial Steam Showers

Experience the Ultimate Sense of Comfort in Your Home by Installing Commercial Steam Showers

For many years, steam showers have been considered both a comfort and health improvement solution. They help cleanse impurities from your skin, sweat out toxins from your body and act as an aid to achieve absolute wellness. Today, with increasing pollution, growing anxiety and bad eating habits, adapting a healthy lifestyle is very important. Now, you can get the ultimate health improvement solution in your home by getting the Amrec Light Commercial Steam Showers from

In order to support these steam showers, we offer you an array of steam shower generators such as the CT6E-C1 steam shower generator, CT9E-C1 steam shower generator and CT12E-C1 steam shower generator, etc. These generators come with different power efficiencies and operate on 1 phase 240 volt utilizing 6 KW power. All items have high durability and can be operated easily.

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