Hanko 4-Person Cedar & Carbon Infrared Sauna Room Kit (Corner)


Vendor: Saunas.com SKU: SA1320


  • 10 Infra-Wave Carbon Composite Heaters
  • Maximum 141ºF Operating Temperature
  • Solid Cedar construction inside & Out
  • EZ Touch Control Panels Inside & Out
  • Oxygen Ionizer System
  • Reading Light
  • R7-Color Chromo Therapy LED Light
  • Adjustable Ceiling Air Vents
  • MP3 Aux/CD/AM/FM Audio System In-Unit
  • Cedar Magazine Rack & 2-Peg Robe Hooks
  • Ergonomic Cedar Backrests (removable)
  • Rapid 2-Person Assembly Wall Panels



Infrared Sauna for the Whole Family; Full-Coverage for up to Four People.

Carbon Composite Emitter Far-Infrared Heating System.

Cedar Interior & Exterior.

Approximate Size: 59"D x 59"W x 75"H


What's Included

  • Modular Wall/Ceiling/Floor Panels (2-person assembly)
  • Heating Elements pre-assembled in-wall
  • Pre-assembled bench units
  • 120v/20 Amp plug-in power
  • Oxygen Ionizer System
  • Light & Audio equipment pre-assembled
  • 7-Color Chromo Therapy LED Light
  • Removable Cedar Backrests
  • Cedar Magazine Rack & 2-Peg Robe Hooks
  • Ready-to-Use Touch Panel Controls



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