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Revitalize Yourself with Electric Sauna Heaters from

A sauna bath soothes your body and mind and rejuvenates your senses like nothing else. Its heat eliminates the toxins from your skin and cleanses your body. The use of sauna has gained wide popularity in recent years with its multiple health benefits. In order to revitalize yourself, having the right sauna heater is essential. Now, you can buy high quality electric sauna heaters from They are built using durable materials to withstand all weather conditions and operate all-year round.

The range of electric sauna heaters that we offer include SWS-30 Electric sauna heater, SWS-45 Electric sauna heater, SWS-60 Electric sauna heater and SWS-80 Electric sauna heater. The mechanism of these electric sauna heaters differ from each other. The traditional electric sauna heaters needed stones to produce steam. For traditional electric, we have Avalon/Catalina Sauna Stones - 44lbs which is used with Avalon SWA, Catalina SWS, Avalon & Catalina SC, Finlandia FIN & Club, Harvia KIP-W & Club Heaters.

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