Catalina Pre-Built Saunas

Catalina pre-built upgrades you to exterior cedar, provide backrests & skirts along upper benching, a stainless steel heater, thermometer/hygrometer, copper bucket & ladle, sand timer & bench mat.

Forget Daily Visits to the Spa by Getting Pre-Built Saunas from

You can now forget your daily visit to the spa by getting pre-built saunas from The Catalina saunas are pre-built with the exterior built with cedar. They are also provided with backrests and skirts that are upper benching. They also have a heater made of stainless steel, bench mat, bucket and ladle, sand timer and thermometer/hygrometer.

The CM47 pre-built sauna room kit offered by our company can accommodate three to four people at a time. It has a double tier with a return bench arrangement. It has a SBS-60 heater which is of standard quality and also has built-in controls. The upper benches have two headrests which are comfortable for users. The upgrades that are available are sidelight windows and an etched glass designs for the door of the kit. They also have a modular panel with the interior made of western red Cedar.

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