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Experience a relaxing sauna bath with Electric Sauna Heaters from Saunas.com

Taking a sauna bath provides relaxation in a unique manner where heat is utilized to cause perspiration. For proper and smooth functioning of these saunas, there are various kinds of equipment available, out of which electric sauna heaters are one of the most popular devices. These are the safest, cleanest, efficient and the most convenient units as they can be operated without fuels. You can now experience a relaxing sauna bath at your home with the right kind of electric sauna heaters from Saunas.com.

We offer you a wide range of electric sauna heaters such as SBA-60 Electric Sauna Heater, SBA-30 Electric Sauna Heater, SBA-45 Electric Sauna Heater and SBA-80 Electric Sauna Heater. These heaters are available in 208v/1p, 208v/3p and 240v/3p. The electrical sauna heaters work on single phase 240 volt requiring 6 Kilowatts 25 Amps current.

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