Amerec Steam Showers

Amerec is 100% manufactured in the U.S. Amerec steam generators feature interchangeable heating elements & use patented Soft Steam Element Switching Technology which keeps the climate you set constant.

Enjoy the Luxury of Steam at Home with Residential Steam Generators

Enjoying a steam shower after a long and tiring day can prove to be an absolutely amazing experience. But, to get that comfort in your home a proper steam generator is required. Now, you can get residential steam showers by getting Amerec generators from These are manufactured 100% in the U.S. and they help run the shower.

These generators are featured with heating elements that are interchangeable. We use Soft Stem Element Switching technology which is patented for maintaining the climate chosen by you. This online portal has a wide range of steam generators and various other products that will help you find great comfort. You can easily order these generators online and get them delivered to enjoy the calm and relaxing feeling of steam showers. This item is essential, so get one today!

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