Sauna-Fresh Set of 5 Aromas, Cedar Holder


Vendor: Amerec SKU: AR-5


Avalon Set of 5 1.8oz Essence Oils

Deluxe Cedar Holder

Pure Essence Oils (not diluted)



Five-Aroma Deluxe set:
- Eucalyptus
- Cherry
- Citrus
- Nordic Birch
- Tar

1.8oz of pure, undiluted essence oil, each. For use in the Sauna with
our convenient Aromatic Dispenser.

Dilute in water before use - do not dispense entire contents at once; merely a drop in your dispenser will do the job!


What's Included

Qty. 5 - 1.8oz Bottles

Qty. 1 - Cedar Deluxe Holder