Avalon Doug-Fir Sauna Door

$1,276.00 $999.00

Vendor: Saunas.com SKU: ACD-Avalon


Polar 1 3/4" Thick Douglas Fir Rails Around Dual Pane, Hermetically Sealed Tempered Glass Window

Standard In Clear Glass

Threshold Included Upgrades To Frosted Glass, Gray Tint Glass or Palm & Birch Negative Etched Glass

Available in Four Standard Sizes

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Pre-Hung 1 3/4" Thick Douglas Fir Rails with 16"x 60" Dual Pane, Hermetically Sealed, Tempered Glass Door.

Threshold Included. Standard In Clear Glass.

Upgrades To Frosted, Gray Tint, or Palm & Birch Negative Etched Glass.

Available in Four Standard Sizes.

What's Included

Pre-Hung on Wood Jamb with All Hardware Included

Jamb Depth & Hinge Direction Tailored To Your Specifications

Doors Must Open Out By Code


Ships in 1-2 Weeks