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Wood Sauna Heaters from Saunas.Com – Feel the Difference

Woodburning sauna heaters are the popular choice among traditional sauna lovers. The sound of the steam and the softness of the heat make the entire sauna bath like a sacred ritual for mind and body. Woodburning sauna heaters are a heritage, and offers sauna connoisseurs modern day versions. These contemporary wood heaters are, on one hand, adapted to suit the lifestyle of today, but on the other hand are ideal for more traditional sauna times.

When it comes to an outdoor sauna, a wood sauna heater is an ideal choice as it as has a combustion chamber that aptly controls air flow. Aside from this, the latest variants of wood burning sauna heaters are well-integrated with safety mechanisms, like the metal smoke pipe on the top that prevents smoke from entering the sauna.

You can get compact, durable and dependable models of wood burning heaters from  These products have no defects and belong to some of the most prominent and trusted manufacturers of this domain. Let’s take a look at two of the Sauna Woodburning heater models that are available at this noted online store, known for their unique and reliable sauna products.

Catalina Woodburning Sauna Heaters
Manufactured by using the best quality materials and equipped with efficient mechanisms, Catalina Woodburning Sauna Heaters gives its users smooth and long-lasting service.

Polar Woodburning Sauna Heaters
Now a power outage will not come between you and your sauna; woodburning sauna heaters allow sauna use even in the absence of electricity.

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