What is the importance of Low EMF?

EMF – Electromagnetic Field – Consists of 2 force components (EMR & EF)
EMR – Electromagnetic Radiation – Caused by AC (Alternating Current) Flow
EF – Electric Field – Caused by system voltage

Simply Put: EMR + EF = EMF

Both EMR & EF forces will affect the membranes of human cells. Even small signals can trigger major biochemical responses critical to the functioning of the cell thus causing critical malfunctions. This is why it is important to choose an infrared sauna that has low EMF Components. EMR radiation is produced by cell phones, microwaves, wireless communication towers, etc. EMR is measured in Milligauss and can be measured with a Gauss Meter. EF is produced by electrical outlets, wiring, etc and can be measured with a volt meter. If you want to test for EMF levels you should invest in a Gauss Meter. The Swedish Standard for low EMF is below 2 mG (Millegauss).

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